LIBERTEE is a high quality fashion brand for women.

Elegance and simplicity are always in fashion.

On these grounds, we design and produce unique 100% cotton garments made in Greece.

They are defined by the street style identity.

The selection of raw materials which adopt technical methods of dyeing based on principles and sustainability.

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Our Mission...

LIBERTEE's mission is to produce clothes from natural fabrics such as 100% organic cotton and satin.

We create designs with sustainable dyeing techniques.

We try and focus on things like, fiber standards, and clean chemistry to ensure we heart environment as less as we can.

We keep environmental impact in mind when we make and choose a design.

We are committed to making clothes with limited environmental impact.

we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our viscose fiber.

We are committed to investing in the future.

We love to listen, to connect, to believe, to protect and to give back in our LIBERTEE community and our planet.

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